Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Weds. We Always Wear Pink!

So, this is my first post since I have joined On Weds. We Always Wear Pink! I just purchased this pink @ Walgreens, it's apart of the Beverly Hills collection called Pink Forever #313. I have it on my toes as well, and I think I like it better on my hands rather than on my toes! LOL Well that's that.... hope you all enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My homemade nail polish rack!!!

SO, this is my homemade nail polish rack that I made out of my dvd holder!!! I took some foam board, and traced one of my dvd's used a box cutter, cut out my shelves and lined this with this awesome zebra tape that I found @ Walgreens.....I got this idea off of Youtube, but I cant for the life of me remember the users acct. name. I will search it and add it to this post. But, if you just search on youtube how to make a nail polish rack, there are tons of ideas out there! I tell you I wish I was as creative as some of you girls out there!! Thank you all for all the wonderful ideas! :)

My Polish Collection

So, I know this is not as large as I would like it to be, but mama is still proud :) I have added to my collection since I took these pics, and I have also made myself a homemade nail polish rack out of my dvd rack, which I will post after these :)

My New Blow Dryer!

Ok, so I have had the same Revlon 1875 watt blow dryer for almost 2 years now, and it finally died on me!! So, I had a gift card for Ulta from my wonderful husband and decided to buy something I needed instead of something I wanted...well I saw this deal for the Zoe brand which I have never used, that came with 1875 watt blow dryer, a matching brush and of course the diffuser, and the part to help straighten your hair ( not sure of the name of that attachment) all for only $29.99, which I thought was a great deal : ) But I am not sure yet if I like it??? Even though it says it's a 1875 watt, it doesnt seem that way??? My Revlon 1875 blew my face off practically, lol! Which I loved cause it took me less than 10 mins to completely dry my entire head of hair!! This does not blow as hard and seems to take an extra long time??? I dont know, maybe it's the same amount of time, but because it's quiet??? Maybe tomorrow I will actually take a look at the clock and let you know if it's the same or

My new favorite perfume!!!

So I picked this up @ Walmart! And I have to say that it has been a very long time since I have loved a perfume like I love Baby Phat Dare Me... I cant explain smells very well, but I can say that there is an undertone of Coconut, so if you dont like the smell of Coconut, then this isnt for  you :)

Sinful Colors Beverly Hills...

Sorry guys for the horrible pic!!! But, it's seems this is the best I could get out my Droid today???? Anyway, just wanted to share :) Hope you like.. just picked this up @ Walgreens from the Beverly Hills collection.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Candles By Victoria

Here are the candles I just recently received from Candles By Victoria!!!!!
From left to right ...Sun & Sand, Coco Beach Baby Peach, Salty Sea Air, (the 1 on top),Blueberry Flapjacks, Hello Dolly, and St. Barts :)

I Love every single 1... :)

B&BBW :)

Ok, so I went shopping AGAIN today!!! I obviously have a little addiction going on... But it feels good! LOL

Ok, so the Into the Wild lotion was free, I had a coupon! And the lady @ the counter was absolutely amazing!! It expired yesterday, but she still allowed me to use it today, since it was only 1 day after the expired date :) What a nice lady!

And the pitcher, contains 1 full size lotion of White Citrus, 1 full size body wash White Citrus, and 1 full size body spray also in White Citrus! That was originally $26.50, but it was 25 % off :) YAY!

And then, the 3 candles are small candles, they are 1.6 oz. They burn for awhile believe it or not! They are on sale @ B& BW for 3 for $ 5.00!!!! I got 1 in Caribbean Escape, 1 in Summer Berries, and 1 in Salty Caramel.. this 1 is my fav!!!!!!!!

Well that's it for today! I also, just got in my Candles by Victoria order! I will post some pics of what I got and my thoughts on each scent :)


Friday, May 20, 2011

New Wet N Wild Sun Pail & Pallets

So, today I decided to take on a little shopping Trip! The first Wet N Wild Pallet is the #738 Comfort Zone!! And the 2nd pallet is #336 Spoiled Brat!!!! I love them both the pigment in these shadows are unbelievable!!

The Wet N Wild nail pail I got @ CVS today for $9.99!!! Are you kidding me/?? WOW I could not believe my eyes!!!! Also, just to let everyone know CVS is have their Beauty Blowout!! You will find items there for 75% off... just look for the round orange sticker!! Make sure to look very close though the stickers are very small :)

I have more stuff but I didnt want to add it to this post. I will upload more when I have a chance!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disturbia Wet N' Wild

I know it's totally the end of spring going into the lovely summer months, but I saw this new color (or I think it's new?) @ Walgreens and it caught my eye!! THERE is something about this color I find so mezmerizing!!!!! It's a dark plum which I feel would be better for Fall & Winter, but I think I am going to rock it anyway! I did swatch it on my thumb nail and I will warn you it stains like crazy, so make sure to use a base, for sure  :) I finally found out how to attach pic's, so this will be my first post with a photo!! YAY! I am at work, so the photo is going to be very dark... sorry :( I am just super happy I uploaded a photo today!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Addicted to Beauty, but cant post it!

Ok, so I am always going to the stores whether it's Walmart, Target,Ulta or Sephora and buying new make up or nail polish and I first, dont know how to upload pic to my blog yet, and I have been contemplating on whether or not I should start to upload videos on my youtube channel..I do know how to upload videos on there atleast (i think?) Anywho, I just am not sure if I should or not??? I am a 32 year old married mother of 3... I just wonder if people will really want to see me and the items I purchase?? I dont know?? What do you think?? Let me know...either way I am for sure going to figure out how to use my blog and post things on here... ;) I dont think I will be critiqued as much on my blog.... I mean I know no one reads these :) It's just kinda like my own personal diary.. when I am thinking of something, I just come on here and write. I am going to make it an everything blog.. fashion, beauty,married life, and motherhood... hopefully someone will get something from it :)

Well I am sitting here while my husband plays Fifa on Xbox 360, and I am bored, so I am going to decide what color I want to paint my toes and hands :) I always have such a hard time choosing.... there are so many pretty colors! I always, will ask my boys... 5,8, and 13 .... they usually help me out... or my husband, but I always give him options and he always chooses the one I dont like out of the bunch :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ok, so I am very, very new to blogging.. and I am still learning how to use this site : ) So, if you have any tips or tricks on how I can start to add my own pics of my manicures & pedicures or just everyday life, plz feel free to let me know!!! I go on here and everyone seems to have this down pat!!! And everyone has these awesome blogs!!

Ok, with that being said today is Mothers Day! So Happy Mothers Day to you all :) My husband and 3 boys did good as far as gifts go!! They are very good to me (even though they drive me crazy most of the time) And like I said before, I am not really sure how to add pictures to my blog yet, but I am watching tutorials, so even though it will be passed Mothers Day, hopefully sometime this coming week I can add the photos of what they got for me...

Once again Happy Mothers Day to all of you! I hope you have a nice relaxing, wonderful day :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, today is just another day of the same ol' shit! Get up, get ready, walk out the door to sit in 1 1/2 traffic to walk in the door 30 mins late! And I have lost my voice again.. WTF! I tell you this have been the worst winter ever! I mean my family is sick all the time, but it has been ridiculous this year!!!!!!! There has been 1 of my family members sick atleast once a week for the past 6 months! I know I am not the only 1, I read other blogs, or post on FB and I see that my family is not the only family who I feel needs to be quarantined (dont know if I spelled that right or not:)out into the desert of Nevada, but GEEZ>>> COME ON! I dont know what I have, if this time it's just allergies, or a cold I have, but why do I have to lose my voice? My job is nothing but answering 1 phone call after another, repeating orders back to customers, so of course I lose my voice, I mean come on! Why would I need to keep my voice?? WOW, so much for my Blog name, huh?? LOL 1STilGlamMama HA! Yeah, I sound like 1StilGlamPapa right now.. ugh.. I just want to go home right now, and slip into my jammies and go to sleep...  :(

 Enough bitching... Im out

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So, this will be my first blog post... not really sure what I am supposed to do??? I guess this is kinda like a public diary?? Am I right? Just something I can write down my thoughts and other random day to day stuff I would like to share or get off my chest, right???

I dont think I am a very interesting person, I wake up, go to work for 8 hours a day, come home, figure out what I am going to cook for dinner, clean up dinner, get the kids ready for school and get myself ready for work the next day, and go to bed! LOL then I wake up and do it all over again.... that's about I said not very interesting.

Well if anyone does read my blog, please answer my this what this is for?? A public diary?? Let me know if I am incorrect what it is really for HAHA Until then, I am going to continue to post things that I am doing, plan on doing and what's on my mind. Along with situations I am going through to see if anyone else out there is going through the same thing and maybe offer some advice :)

Until then......