Friday, May 20, 2011

New Wet N Wild Sun Pail & Pallets

So, today I decided to take on a little shopping Trip! The first Wet N Wild Pallet is the #738 Comfort Zone!! And the 2nd pallet is #336 Spoiled Brat!!!! I love them both the pigment in these shadows are unbelievable!!

The Wet N Wild nail pail I got @ CVS today for $9.99!!! Are you kidding me/?? WOW I could not believe my eyes!!!! Also, just to let everyone know CVS is have their Beauty Blowout!! You will find items there for 75% off... just look for the round orange sticker!! Make sure to look very close though the stickers are very small :)

I have more stuff but I didnt want to add it to this post. I will upload more when I have a chance!!

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