Monday, May 23, 2011

B&BBW :)

Ok, so I went shopping AGAIN today!!! I obviously have a little addiction going on... But it feels good! LOL

Ok, so the Into the Wild lotion was free, I had a coupon! And the lady @ the counter was absolutely amazing!! It expired yesterday, but she still allowed me to use it today, since it was only 1 day after the expired date :) What a nice lady!

And the pitcher, contains 1 full size lotion of White Citrus, 1 full size body wash White Citrus, and 1 full size body spray also in White Citrus! That was originally $26.50, but it was 25 % off :) YAY!

And then, the 3 candles are small candles, they are 1.6 oz. They burn for awhile believe it or not! They are on sale @ B& BW for 3 for $ 5.00!!!! I got 1 in Caribbean Escape, 1 in Summer Berries, and 1 in Salty Caramel.. this 1 is my fav!!!!!!!!

Well that's it for today! I also, just got in my Candles by Victoria order! I will post some pics of what I got and my thoughts on each scent :)


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