Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, today is just another day of the same ol' shit! Get up, get ready, walk out the door to sit in 1 1/2 traffic to walk in the door 30 mins late! And I have lost my voice again.. WTF! I tell you this have been the worst winter ever! I mean my family is sick all the time, but it has been ridiculous this year!!!!!!! There has been 1 of my family members sick atleast once a week for the past 6 months! I know I am not the only 1, I read other blogs, or post on FB and I see that my family is not the only family who I feel needs to be quarantined (dont know if I spelled that right or not:)out into the desert of Nevada, but GEEZ>>> COME ON! I dont know what I have, if this time it's just allergies, or a cold I have, but why do I have to lose my voice? My job is nothing but answering 1 phone call after another, repeating orders back to customers, so of course I lose my voice, I mean come on! Why would I need to keep my voice?? WOW, so much for my Blog name, huh?? LOL 1STilGlamMama HA! Yeah, I sound like 1StilGlamPapa right now.. ugh.. I just want to go home right now, and slip into my jammies and go to sleep...  :(

 Enough bitching... Im out

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